Applied Behavior analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy for adults and children with autism and other developmental disabilities that focuses on imparting skills in specific domains of functioning, such as social skills, contact, moot and learning skills, motor dexterity, hygiene, grooming, and more. Tailored to individual needs, ABA is delivered in a variety of settings, including school, home, clinic, and other community settings. We are committed to supporting individuals and their families by creating a positive environment for personal growth and independence.

At Always Promoting Independence we provide comprehensive behavior analysis services. Our seven-step approach is rooted in evidence-based methods, collaboration, and continuous monitoring.

We are committed to supporting individuals and their families on their journey towards personal growth, independence, and a better quality of life.

We believe in understanding the unique strengths, needs, and preferences of each individual. That’s why we conduct thorough assessments to gather comprehensive information. By gaining insights into an individual’s current abilities and areas for improvement, we lay the foundation for a personalized intervention plan.

Strategies Using evidence-based methods such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we develop customized intervention strategies. These strategies are designed to address specific areas of development and promote positive behavior change. Our goal is to provide effective and targeted interventions that help individuals reach their full potential.

We understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork in creating a cohesive support system. We work closely with individuals, their families, and other support professionals to establish a collaborative approach. By involving all stakeholders, we ensure that everyone’s perspectives and expertise are considered, leading to more comprehensive and effective support.

Enhancing abilities in various areas is a key focus of our services. We emphasize skill development in communication, social interaction, self-care, and everyday activities. Through targeted interventions, we aim to empower individuals to become more independent and confident in their abilities.

To carry out the individualized behavioral intervention plan, we have a team of qualified professionals. This includes Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs and BCaBAs), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), and Behavior Assistants. These dedicated individuals consistently and effectively implement the intervention plan, ensuring that the strategies are applied appropriately and with care.

Regular monitoring of progress is essential to track the effectiveness of our interventions. We use objective data collection methods and ongoing assessments to evaluate an individual’s progress. This enables us to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of our strategies and make adjustments as necessary.

Based on progress monitoring and data analysis, we fine-tune the intervention plan as needed. We believe in continuous improvement and strive to provide the best possible support. By making adjustments to the plan, we ensure that individuals receive interventions that are tailored to their changing needs, fostering continuous growth and progress.

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