Driven by her newfound expertise and a burning desire to make a difference, Dar-Lyn left her corporate career a year later and dove headfirst into the field.

She became a behavior assistant and a supportive living coach, dedicating her time and energy to working for different agencies simultaneously. Through this hands-on experience, she gained invaluable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the existing care providers. After several years of witnessing firsthand the lack of commitment to quality care, Dar-Lyn frustration grew—not only for her own family members but also for the countless individuals receiving subpar services.

In 2007, fueled by her determination to raise the bar, she took a leap of faith and established her own agency, Always Promoting Independence. With her kitchen doubling as the company’s first office, Dar-Lyn laid the foundation for a revolutionary approach to care provision. From the beginning, Dar-Lyn paramount goal was delivering exceptional services. She recognized that achieving this required a strong and dedicated team equipped with proper training, educational opportunities, room for personal growth, robust administrative support, and an uplifting work environment. With this vision in mind, she meticulously assembled a team of passionate individuals who shared her unwavering commitment to providing outstanding care.

Through Dar-Lyn steadfast leadership and unwavering dedication, Always Promoting Independence has flourished over the years. What started with just two staff members has now blossomed into a thriving organization boasting a remarkable team of sixty-seven dedicated professionals serving the Suncoast region. Dar-Lyn emphasis on continuous improvement and her dedication to promoting independence have positioned API as an industry leader, setting the standard for excellence in Home and Community Based Services and the Agency for Persons with Disabilities fields.

Today, Dar-Lyn remarkable journey is a testament to her relentless pursuit of empowering individuals with disabilities, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives filled with independence and dignity. Her unwavering commitment to quality care, coupled with her passion for making a difference, continues to shape the landscape of the industry, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. With Dar-Lyn Pribble at the helm, Always Promoting Independence remains steadfast in its mission to champion independence, transform lives, and create a world where every individual can thrive.

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