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Below is a brief overview of the, Home and Community services we provided under the Medicaid iBudget Florida Waiver 

Supported Living Coaching (SLC)

This service provides training and assistance in a wide variety of activities to support individuals who live in and maintain homes or apartments of their own.

Life Skills Development (Companion)

This service was formerly known as companion services. It includes non-medical care and socialization activities provided to an adult on a one-to-one basis or in groups of up to three recipients.

Life Skills Development
Supported Employment

This service encompasses the service formerly known as supported employment for both individual and group models. It helps the individual to get and keep a job in his or her community, or to develop and operate a small business.

Personal Supports

The service is for customers 21 and older who live in their own home or family home. It also applies to those at least 18 but under 21 who live in their own home. This service provides assistance and training in activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and preparation of meals.

Behavior Assistant Services

These services are provided for a limited time, under supervision by a behavior analyst, to train paid or unpaid support persons in how to assist the individual in functioning more independently.

Applied Behavior Analysis

These services include the analysis, development, modification, and monitoring of behavior for the purpose of changing an individual's behavior.

Respite Services

This service provides supportive care and supervision to individuals under age 21, living in the family home, when the primary caregiver is unavailable due to a brief planned or emergency absence, or when the primary caregiver is temporarily physically unable to provide care.

Skilled Nursing

This service is prescribed by a physician and consists of part-time or intermittent care provided by registered or licensed practical nurses.

Private Duty Nursing

The service is for persons requiring individual, continuous care by registered or licensed practical nurses as prescribed by a physician.

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